Buddhism 101 Training Program

Buddhism 1o1

This training program is designed to give the participant a basic understand of Buddhist psychology and practice. In this training program, the student meets weekly (or as close to it as possible) with a teacher to progress through the curriculum. This training program can be taken for its own sake or as a prerequisite to the Lay Priest Training Program.


  • The Three Marks of Existence
  • Awakening/Nirvana/Samsara
  • Four Noble Truths
  • The Eightfold Path
  • The Five Aggregates
  • The Three Poisons
  • The Five Hinderances
  • Mental Afflictions (Kleshas)
  • The Life of the Buddha
  • Samsara, Karma and Rebirth
  • The 12 Links of Causation
  • Schools of Buddhism
  • Emptiness
  • Buddha Nature
  • The Bodhisattva Ideal
  • The Mahayana Two Truths
  • Mindfulness
  • Samadhi and Jnanas
  • The Trikaya doctrine
  • The Early Buddhist Cannon
  • The Mahayana Buddhist Cannon