Simplicity Zen Podcast Episode 53: An Interview with Heather Shoren Iarusso

Heather Shoren Iarusso is currently the director and head of practice for San Francisco Zen Center’s online practice center. She moved to Tassajara in 2008 where she lived for a total of seven years while completing twelve, 90-day practice periods. At Tassajara she served such roles as Ino (head of the meditation hall), Tenzo (Head Cook), Shika (Guest Manager), and the Shuso (Head Student). Heather was ordained as a Zen Priest in October 2015 by Teah Strozer, who served as the guiding teacher for Brooklyn Zen Center (BZC) for many years. Heather worked at BZC for two years as the Ino (Head of Meditation Hall), program director, communications coordinator, and the interim executive director. Heather received dharma transmission in September 2022.

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