Simplicity Zen Podcast Episode 80: An Interview with Kogen Czarnik

Kogen Czarnik is a full Soto Zen priest (Osho) in the lineage of Tangen Harada Roshi. He began Zen practiice in 2003 in Poland, and soon after graduating from college he went to Japan to practice Dharma in a traditional monastic context. Since then, he has been practicing at monasteries such as Bukkoku-ji, Sogen-ji, Tosho-ji (where he did his priest training in temple’s monk hall or sodo). Additionally, he practiced in monasteries in South Korea. He is currently serving at Enso House, a Zen hospice on Whidbey Island, WA, by Tahoma Zen Monastery. He is the editor of the just-published book “Throw Yourself into the House of Buddha: The Life and Zen Teachings of Tangen Harada Roshi”

Kogen’s book :

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